Written Work

The Reality of Getting an IUD: A Timeline
The Reality of Getting an IUD: A Timeline
Shirt on, pants off, a wide-open cervix, and the promise of a decade. (Points in Case, July 2019)
Apothecarry, Bringing Class to Cannabis Accoutrement
Apothecarry, Bringing Class to Cannabis Accoutrement
Right in the center of cannabis innovations is Apothecarry, a luxury organization system designed for the cannabis consumer with class. Just like all of our favorite must-have products, it all started with one person and a big idea. (Blackbird Go, February 2019)
Is 2019 the Year of the Cannadrink?
Is 2019 the Year of the Cannadrink?
Cannabis-infused beverages are taking over the scene, so let’s crack open a cold one (cannadrink, that is) and dig into what it’s all about.
Landrace Cannabis: The REAL OG Kush
Landrace Cannabis: The REAL OG Kush
Let’s hop on that Magic School Bus back in time to explore the O.G. strains of cannabis, something commonly referred to as “landrace” strains. (Blackbird Go, March 2019)
Traveling Through Time on America's Loneliest Road
Traveling Through Time on America's Loneliest Road
There’s something truly special about a good road trip. Maybe it’s the curve of the road disappearing around the corner. Maybe it’s the balance between focus and zen you reach from watching the white lines slip one by one underneath your car. Maybe it’s the carefully selected music that makes you forget where you are going and why you’re going there—just for the moment. Maybe it’s all of the above. (Blackbird Go, December 2018)
Artists We
Artists We <3: Kaelyn McGowen
Kaelyn McGowen doesn’t just notice all of the colors throughout her day. She celebrates them, and her work is a testament to that. I had the pleasure of chatting with Kaelyn on her life and art - although the two seem to be one and the same. (Blackbird Go, November 2018)
Finding Menstrual Relief
Finding Menstrual Relief: Cannabis to the Rescue
One moment you’re jumping and dancing like you’re in a tampon commercial, and the next you’re curled up on your bed trying to find solace in a pint of double fudge ice cream and a heating pad. Say hello to the never-welcome visitor, premenstrual syndrome. (BlackbirdGo, October 2018)
#VanLife: The New American Dream
#VanLife: The New American Dream
On August 6, 2018, I found myself driving west in a van that would be my house for the foreseeable future. (BlackbirdGo, October 2018)
Influential Women in Cannabis
Influential Women in Cannabis
In 2017, just 26.9 percent of the executives in the cannabis industry were female, despite the fact that women comprise 53 percent of cannabis users. However, that’s not to say that women haven’t made massive impacts in the cultivation, distribution, and destigmatization of cannabis. (BlackbirdGo, October 2018)
Foreign Exchange
Students from Abroad
It’s 6 a.m. on Monday, and the chimes of the daily alarm clock have called out as a reminder that the week has once again begun. It’s time to roll out of bed, eyes still heavy with memory of the warmth and comfort of the blankets. The heat of the shower is a nice, slow welcome into the reality of morning as the ritual of the morning begins. (Miner Messenger, Winter/Spring 2017 issue)
Kindness Explosion
A Kindness Explosion
The sound of gravel crackled underneath car tires and end-of-day conversation filled the atmosphere as a truck slowly made its way down an uneven dirt road surrounded by lush jungle. Heads of the passengers rocked in sync with one another with every dip and bump, but nobody really seemed to mind. (Miner Messenger, Winter/Spring 2017)
Isabel Piczek
A Ray of Light
Her breathtaking windows will continue to adorn the Chapel like a God-given kaleidoscope for many decades to come, and Bishop Manogue Catholic High School will be forever grateful for the truly amazing work she gifted to us. (Miner Messenger, Winter/Spring 2017 issue)
Midtown - Mar/Apr
Midtown - Mar./Apr. 2017
Wrote small articles about Midtown Reno's local businesses and their specials for March and April. (BlissBabe Magazine, Mar./Apr. 2017 issue)
Feel the Warmth
Being the new kid on the block is never easy, but Sentivo Vineyards seems to fit in - and stand out - just fine. (BlissBabe Magazine, Mar./Apr. 2017 issue)
Midtown - Jan/Feb
Midtown - Jan./Feb. 2017
Wrote small articles about Midtown Reno's local businesses and their specials for January and February. (BlissBabe Magazine, Jan./Feb. 2017 issue)
A Night at the Comstock
Flashback to a time where mining was
the biggest thing to sweep the Northern
Nevada area. Times were much simpler
then—a hard day’s work at the mine could
be dissolved with a hearty meal at home
and our evenings revolved around good
company around the table instead of
around the television. (Miner Messenger, Summer/Fall 2016 issue)
Thinking for a Feeling
Thinking for a Feeling
What started out as a small idea is
now a blossomed phenomenon that has
spread not just across the country, but
the globe. But before he created Think
Kindness, all he had was a feeling. (Miner Messenger, Summer/Fall 2016 issue)
I'm a Damn Princess
I'm a Damn Princess
All I wanted to be when I was a little was a princess. Is there something wrong with that? (Reynolds School of Journalism, 2015.)
Vibrant Vixen
Raw Foods for a Vibrant Vixen
Jade Nasalroad, 28, is the founder of Vibrant Vixen Pure Foods, where she creates raw, vegan treats for local businesses in the Truckee-Tahoe area. (Reynolds School of Journalism, 2015)
All Work, No Play
"All Work & No Play" nonexistent for Reno artist community
English has a much more alternative job than most. She doesn’t have to leave her home, yet her ideal work environment constantly surrounds her. Instead of a desk and chair, she curls up on the plush window seat that overlooks downtown Virginia Street while in the comfort of her pajamas. She sits down with a canvas and paintbrush instead of a computer and mouse. (Reynolds School of Journalism, 2014)
Becoming Econic
“Music is my first priority,” Brooks said. “Everything in my life basically revolves around my music.” (Reynolds School of Journalism, 2014)
The Generator
Generating Individuality at the Generator
Each human sense is instantly brought to life. There are vibrant colors, patterns, shapes and sculptures. Classic rock music battles the sound of nail guns and wood saws. Sawdust and fresh paint flood through the nose. A man’s head peaks out from behind a large painting several feet away. He pushes his long mess of hair to the side and walks forward reaching for a hug, careless of the fact he was about to embrace a stranger. (Reynolds School of Journalism, 2014)
Student in the Gym
Student in the School, Coach in the Gym
It’s 7 a.m. on a Friday in the Lombardi Recreation Center. The soundtrack of clanging barbells and deep, struggling gasps for air are heard in the background. The sound is much easier on the ears than the alarm clock that went off for everyone here an hour earlier. (Reynolds School of Journalism, 2014)
Rock 'N' Roll Back in Time...Today
Rock 'N' Roll Back in Time...Today
As the door swung open, the clattering of posters hit by a gust of wind was drowned out by the guitar riffs of a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club tune. It’s immediately a different world. (Reynolds School of Journalism, 2014)