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This page is for Kathryn Weiss’ written work while attending the University of Nevada’s Reynolds School of Journalism.

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Click the photos to view the different pieces I have worked on between 2014 and 2016 during my time at the j-school. They are listed starting with my most recent work.

(All photos, audio and video are mine unless otherwise stated.)

Growing into Reno is an ongoing project concerning the “farm-to-fork” movement in Reno, Nevada. May 2016 (for now).


“I’m a Damn Princess. Is There Something Wrong With That?” is a research/opinion piece conducted for my Race, Gender & Media class. The piece concerns the deep negative attention that Disney princesses have received in contrast to the new wave of female role models: reality stars. December 2015.


“Raw Foods for a Vibrant Vixen” is a mini-photojournalism story about Jade Nasalroad, a raw vegan that started her own small empire in the Tahoe area with delicious, raw and healthy foods. January 2015.


“‘All Work & No Play’ Nonexistent for Reno Artist Community” is an article about the historic Riverside Hotel’s new purpose: housing local artists as live-in art studios. December 2014.


“Becoming Econic” is a profile on Eric Brooks, a young, small-town rapper with dreams to make it big by producing his own music. September 2014.


“Generating Individuality at the Generator” is an article about The Generator, a public art space that anybody can freely use, as long as the Burning Man Principles are implemented. May 2014.


“Student in the School, Coach in the Gym” is a piece about the young students immersing themselves into the crossfit culture at UNR by training to become coaches. April 2014.


New (Old) Music
“Rock ‘N’ Roll Back in Time…Today” is a business profile about Recycled Records, Reno’s favorite (and longest-running) record store. February 2014.